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At Cline Chiropractic and Acupuncture, we strive to provide unique, effective natural services that help patients heal from symptoms such as low back pain, neck pain, and sports injuries. Your journey toward health and the cherished partnership between doctor and patient is the focus of West Lafayette Chiropractors.

In our office, we most often see cases of lower back and neck pain daily. I have developed my West Lafayette chiropractic practice on these types of cases. I know what works for most people to get you out of pain fast and feeling better before you leave my office. It really is astounding when someone comes in with severe excruciating pain and they walk out with a smile on their face!

Lower Back Pain

Acute Lower Back Pain is my favorite condition to treat because I get phenomenal results, If someone is hit by the back pain curse, and goes down. I can help that person quickly and effectively, and with minimal expense.I love to see people get better fast, which is always my first priority.

Neck pain

Neck pain is my second favorite pain syndrome. I love to treat neck problems, because of the impact it makes on you.It is amazing how much better your neck feels when you get it adjusted once in a while.I feel sorry for people who have never seen a chiropractor for a neck adjustment.

Sports Injuries

I love working on sports injuries. I grew up playing all kind of sports and know what it takes to get someone back on the field so they can enjoy their activities. As a West Lafayette Chiropractor I use this sports-minded philosophy on all of my patients because even if your not an athlete, you still need to get back “on the field” of life.

Getting Great Results

The patients that get the best results are the ones who are compliant. If you don’t comply with my recommendations, your not going to get better as fast, some of my recommendations are unique and different than what other doctors or chiropractors or physical therapists have told you, you maybe skeptical of them, I always say, do it my way first, if you don’t get good results you can to it your way. “Prove me wrong”! Most don’t. Most are shocked how fast I can help them when they listen!

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