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Our West Lafayette Chiropractic Office

Your West Lafayette Chiropractor will take great care of you!

As your Chiropractor in West Lafayette, we’re located at 1033 Sagamore Parkway West Lafayette, IN- I choose this location simply because it’s a great spot with great visibility and easy access from Hwy 52. Cline Chiropractic and Acupuncture is close to Purdue campus and convenient to Lafayette, IN and surrounding counties, like Benton, Warren, and Carroll counties. I was raised in Lafayette, IN so West Lafayette is home for me. I love it here, people are honest, hard-working, and down-to-earth.

I opened up here after working for three different chiropractors, I had the drive and passion to do well, then I had the experience! My practice philosophy is simple. Treat people with a smile and respect. I treat my patients like they could be my Grandmother, Mother or Sister.

Why did I become a Chiropractor and Acupuncturist?

From the beginning I was interested in anything that wasn’t drug or surgery. Certainly, medicine is helpful when needed, but over prescribed. In addition, surgery is just too invasive and risky. Even worse is the price, with no guarantee you won’t be worse after surgery. It’s great when you are in a traumatic event, like a car accident, but for most people less is more. If I can not help you and your having severe pain, medicine or surgery might be good options, but I will do everything possible to keep you from having to get cut on! That’s a promise.

Why We’re Different

My practice is unique because I don’t rely on X-rays or expensive diagnostic procedures. I simply observe. It takes me only seconds to get the picture. Your posture tells me so much, so quickly. Because of this I know almost instantly what the problem areas are. My exams are very fast, I don’t rely on a lot of neurological exams or orthopedic test. I can find the problems fast, and start treating you quickly to relieve the stress, pressure, and compression on your bodies delicate network of muscles, bones and nerves.

Prevention Is Key

If I had a slogan I would want to fly around on the GoodYear Blimp or a flag I’d like to stick in the moon to tell the world, it would say,”FAST RESULTS, THAT LAST” and “Preventative Maintenance, is the key”. I believe that if I can get you feeling great fast, I have to right to tell you about preventative and maintenance care. Take care of problems before they are a problem, that’s the key!

Getting Results

The patients that get the best results are the ones who are compliant. If you don’t comply with my recommendations, your not going to get better as fast, some of my recommendations are unique and different than what other doctors or chiropractors or physical therapists have told you, you maybe skeptical of them, I always say, do it my way first, if you don’t get good results you can to it your way. “Prove me wrong”! Most don’t. Most are shocked how fast I can help them when they listen!

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